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Breakthrough & Revolutionary

Most powerful dab vaporizer in the world!


A brand new design.

Pushed even further.

Brush finish with golden ratio,incredible concealed mouthpiece design . The SS 304 body has passed 600 hours Salt Spray Test. 3 colors available. Smart body, mechanical assembling, easy to clean. No nectar collector can be so convenient and safe.

Best Vaporizer & Best Nectar Collector

Dual vaporizer system

E-Nectar collector + Best vape pen

Enjoy a free vapor

The world’s first multi- Functional & Professional Dab vaporizer. D-Master supports two ways for dabbing. It can be used as Nectar Collector and popular Vape pens. When you are in a party or together with your friends, D-Master is the only and the best choice.When you finish a nice draw, share the D-Master to your friends please. Switch your D-Master to enjoy journey during driving. 120 draws for each charge always be irresistible.

Learn more about C&D System> NCDS

World's first Smart electronic Nectar collector

No loading, No leaking, no waiting, No wasting.

Popular Vape Pen

The most advanced

quartz chamber provides pure taste, dual Ti coil produces huge and fast cloud, Unique design supplys smooth air flow

Best solution for your dab

2 different dab styles, 3 temperature settings, 120 pure draws,


D-Master provides multiple types of protections to safe guard against potential risk.

Standard Mrio-USB charging port

D-master designed as a very portable vaporizer, You can charge your device anywhere.

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