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It's Khree Z

A real portable Vapor device.


Our goal with Khree Z was to do the impossible: engineer a full‑day-vape experience into the portable and most compact box mod ever.

A Modular Box Mod.

Vape an easy mod, enjoy an easy life.

Khree Z designed in a modular box mod-----easy Assembly.
Khree dedicates to design the first modular box mod for all vapers. Just start assembling Khree Z, and vape on

Thin & Portable
-Delicate body

Completely fit your pocket

Every step of Khree aims to show a thinner, lighter, and friendlier box mod for the world. Just like Khree Z

Available in silver, black, and all-new rose gold.

The sexiest box mod that KHREE ever designed, welcome to the era of VISION.

 Click on the image and slide. check the Khree Z 360° 

Khree Z. Not Only Crazy!

Huge cloud---Direct lung inhale
1 hit to get a visual vapor

Khree Z is designed for crazy vapers. No burning taste, no lack of power, and cheerful vaping all day.

30 Watts
24 hours
Full Power
Learn more about Khree Z Clearomizer

Two Clearomizers per set
- Enjoy two flavors

1 second to replace another flavor

Magnetic clearomizer makes the Ejuice replacement so easy. One move can simply switch another clearomizer and vape two flavors for travel.

Learn more about Khree Z Clearomizer

Advanced Design - Always cool

Stable, safe and secure.

Designer of Khree Z presents a box mod to the world, so that everyone has a safe & happy vape. Unique design offers a cooling box mod when you are vaping.

Magnetic Connection System
No rust, no dust.

Atomizer, top cover, & battery, all with magnetic connection. That is why Khree Z so crazy.

Learn more about Khree Z Clearomizer
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