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Job Opportunities

Job position: Marketing Specialist
Qty: 2
1.position statement
-Official homepage maintenance
-Collect market information & Analyze industry trends
-Monitor and control marketing activities of input and output,analyze industry market data
-Market research ,including sales volume,analyze market feedback

2.job requirements
-related major with marketing,computer,with CET4 certificate or above CET4
-Good at analysising,coordinating and communicating
-Ability of market development and analysis,know about industry policy
-First priority to the one who know more about electronic cigarette

Job position: Structure Engineers
Qty: 5
1.position statement
-design of structure,handle problem during case
2.Job requirements
-related major with Engineering,mechanical,mechatronics, industrial design
-no gender limited,better enjoy over three years experience of related career
-acquainted with engineering, design process,mould knowledge,plastic knowledge, surface finish
-proficient with Auto CAD, Pre/E and other three-dimensional software
-be innovative during work

Job position: Khree Foreign trade Salesman/Saleswoman
Qty: 10
Position Statement:
-Degree should be at least junior college,with CET4 certificate or above CET4 and good at Listening,Speaking,Writing and Communicating with others;
-Fresh graduates first. Can listen to company rules.Our salary consists of basic salary,commission,bonus,seniority and sales champion prize and etc. Basic salary is 3000RMB.Sales normally can achieve 70000RMB-300000RMB/year. Sales are free to live in the nice department provided,which often has 3 bedrooms and 1 living room;
-Complete training is provided.We have business email,searching skills,alibaba,global sourcing as tools.Sales who have great performance can enjoy opportunities of attending exhibition abroad or working at our USA Branch;

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